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Playful Goats, Milk, Soap

I am part of a truly wonderful community of soapers. They handcraft soap, research ingredients and generally have a lot of fun. Mostly this group is utterly supportive of each other.

I have now been making soaps for about a year. What initially started as a hobby has now become a passion. The caterpillar in me is totally out to play. And what I seem to chase the most is getting stuff to make soaps straight from where it is “born”.

And so, when I found Shelly, I had to go and see her goats and get fresh, raw goats milk and see what happens, really 🙂 I totally was not expecting a bunch of playful, naughty kids prancing about the land, wanting to follow their “mum” into the house and wanting to play.


When they saw me, they wanted to suck my thumb, nibble on my tee, laces … whatever they could get their mouth on!!

This is Lacey. I was talking to Shelly and she started biting me. “You are biting me dear” I said to Lacey. She stopped and proceeded to try and get under my legs! OML. They are the most divine, beautiful, playful things I have ever seen!


And here is the one month old slipping on the pile of hay she clambered onto! This is what her mum says about her “Oh that’s Blue Brook Kalamitty! & yes she’s full of mischief but very affectionate  Her mum is the 2nd highest milk producing British Alpine in Australia at the moment – so not only gorgeous but hopefully will give me lots of beautiful creamy milk too”Image

So I got about 15 litres of this divine goats milk and brought it home. It is frozen, which is perfect for soaping because when you add lye to the milk, it heats up. This is what it looks like with the lye gently and slowly added to the frozen milk.


It looks so creamy and intensely lick-able! You absolutely cannot!!

This beautiful creamy mix is then blended with virgin oils and raw shea butter, cocoa butter to make soap.

Yesterday I felt like it was a “roses” day so this was my soap with rose essential oil and rose buds on top.


This morning, I wanted to make something warm, spicy & citrus-y. So I chose clove and orange essential oils.


So here is the soap… swirled with some cacao powder on top and then textured! Smells beautiful!


If you would like some goat milk soap, you can get some on my website!