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I made my last soap before Christmas today. Two actually.

Earlier this week, we were dropping off my son for cricket. He is 23. Why are we dropping him off you may ask? Well, he has just moved out of home into a very nice apartment in North Sydney, so he can sleep in and get to work on time… Apparently though, our life is still meant to revolve around him. “Like, you left your car in Copacabana? How silly!!” Says my daughter, who had to pick him up from Wahroonga Station because he was coming home on Saturday. “You know I have cricket on Sunday” says my son. The fact that he said to us that he won’t come home on the weekend because we were busy setting up our home in Copacabana is kinda irrelevant. Right?

So anyhow. I asked him “What are you getting me for Christmas?”.

“Nothing”. Says the wise one.
“Maybe you could get me a soap cutter”. Says die-hard (me)
“I am not fueling your hobby” Says the wise one.
“My hobby doesn’t need fueling babes. It is already on fire”. “Remember you got my goodies from Lush for nearly $100 4 years ago?. You will never need to do that again. ”

Silence. From the wise one.

“Will you come to Copa next week?” Says Dad.
“No.” Says the wise one.
“It is beautiful. Why don’t you come?”
“Was I not clear?” says the wise one.
So the conversation goes. Well, at least it is more than a grunt. I could see this laconic sense of humor when he was 1. I should have spanked him maybe? He may have turned out obedient, you reckon?

Anyway, the good part, as my daughter says, who has also befriend-ed all his friends… is that they bonded the previous night when we weren’t home.

So back to the soap.

I wanted to use essential oils that have staying power. So it was rosemary. And I wanted herbs. So the morning was grinding sage, rosemary and lavender… and topping these off with organic sunflower oil….. they will sit there infusing on my shelf next to the window for months.

The sage went into my first soap… Image

This has Goats Milk, Organic Oats, Mineral Water, saponified oils of organic coconut, extra virgin olive oil, virgin shea & cocoa butter, Organic Sage & Chamomile powder, Raw Honey, Organic Orange Pulp, Pure Lavender, Rosemary & Peppermint Essential Oils, Australian Pastel Pink Clay. It was hard to stop after doing the curves with a skewer. I did though!!

I like the orange peel contrasting against the pink clay and sage coloured soaps… and the plain soap in between is kinda nice.

I still had appetite for one more. After all, it will be at least two weeks until I can soap again.

So, I was thinking oranges again. I had bought some vanilla pods from our local markets in Thornleigh. These were infusing with some dried orange slices in sunflower oil. I wanted to get some vanilla – orange into a soap. I also wanted to use activated charcoal – am totally sold out of all my activated charcoal or black clay soaps. Rosemary for green and its smell and its benefits…

Goats Milk, Organic Oats, Mineral Water, saponified oils of organic coconut, extra virgin olive oil, macadamia, virgin cocoa butter, Organic Rosemary, Organic whole orange, Pure Orange & Rosemary Essential Oils, Activated Charcoal, Vanilla Bean went into this one.

So here are some pics… goats milk & lye nicely mixed… Image

The orange, oat milk & vanilla pod slush with orange and rosemary essential oils.. this smells beautiful… and I quite like the vanilla pods that you can see crushed up… there are a few bits in there as well…

… Image

Rosemary with bits of orange stuck in it 🙂Image

The oils & cocoa butter combo


The oils blended well with the goats milk lye solution…. in went the orange-oatmeal slush and then I blended some of the soap with the activated charcoal and some with the rosemary. Rosemary did not give as green a color as the sage did…

Poured it all into the mold in layers… drop swirl is my new best friend 😉

The top is the best part… the smell was so uplifting it is like swirling to the opera!!!


So here is the top… the magic of activated charcoal…. Only, I dropped the towel on the top 😦

One part of it is smudged… am hoping the gel phase will forgive my towel for popping off my shoulder on to the beautiful swirl… pretty please!