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My Dad

My Dad is a romantic. Or he was one. Or so I thought. Now a days he is a wee bit disgruntled with the state of affairs in India.

Dad was a cop at a time when it was very corrupt. I say this in the past tense because I think it is getting better. The lesson that I hold dearest to my heart is when he took me into the home of a Muslim man in Khadia (the heart of the city in Ahmedabad, where riots got fuelled). He went to the heart of the matter. Got to know his constituents. And he was known for being able to stop communal violence.

He was also outspoken. And arrogant. Born to a rich family, his father who was a judge in Kapurthala sired him when he was 64 and died when Dad was very young. He became a cop because his mum wanted him to. I suppose he felt that he could choose. Though he never did!! He continued in the force and found creative outlets for his energy when he got sidelined for promotions.


In the Reserve Police in Godhra and in Saijpur (Ahmedabad), he rallied the troops and got them involved in creative activities…. I remember the “mobile” fountain and police band that started getting commissioned for weddings. Outdoor theatre for the jawans, a co-operative society that would have people cooking delicious snacks for sale in the community.

He has touched many lives. He is retired now and has stopped coming to visit me in Australia because he claims he cannot travel anymore. Injuries from his days controlling violence …. that is the stuff that matters. But I still want my Dad 🙂

Today, he dispenses medicine to the women who come to our home to clean and cook. The woman who cleans the home for my parent’s neighbour is married to an abusive alcoholic. She came running up to mum to enlist her help. My mum was down in an instance chasing the hubby away.

I wonder why people in the neighbourhood reach out to my parents for help with tackling the difficult issues. I am grateful to them. And I am grateful to be part of this family that has defined who I am, how I view life and what I make of it. Most importantly, I have learnt to chase my dreams, however impossible. It is the cost of being arrogant. And also hungry and foolish 🙂


9 thoughts on “My Dad

  1. Pratima Rajan says:

    good. ur grand was a judge in the judiciary and after his retirement Maharaja of Kapurthala hired him as the head of his judiciary And he worked there for few yrs. And then he settle down in Khanna ,his home town. Love mum. jai ho

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  2. Dolly alias Kumud alias Ashu says:

    Dimpi you forgot to mention that Jeejam also popularized Family planning among jawans by being the change himself. He lead by example by getting himself operated despite having two daughters in an era when even the government of India talked of three children in case of two daughters .The jawans were so touched by the gesture that they pleaded him not to get operated and promised that they will adhere to family planning .He was overwhelmed but went ahead all the same .He emerged as a kind of hero during riots in 84 when India Today described him as cop in mufti holding machinegun and sitting on the crossing of riot infested heart of Ahmdabad. Despite the whole system gunning for him he didn’t bow down to pressures and won back his job through supreme court .We are proud of him

  3. Uma says:

    I had the fortune of connecting with my Mamaji recently in India. It was a pleasure to hear his tales of bravery from ‘the lion’s mouth’!! I am in awe of how he tackled gangsters, dons, riots… I salute my Mamaji for what he stood for and how he led his life–with principles, truth, forthrightness, and got to the root of the problem BEFORE dealing with it. His life needs to be chronicled as TV series.
    Behind every successful man is a loving, intelligent, and independent woman, my Mamaji, Pratima–wise, dedicated, strong.
    Proof of the pudding is their two amazingly होनहार daughters.
    My regret—I missed out on spending time with them for decades, being separated by distance.
    My blessing–I reconnected with them, spent some wonderful time filling in the gaps that time had stolen from me.
    Thanks, Dimpi, for your posts. You are quite a role model yourself. God bless you.

  4. raji sharma says:

    Gauri,talking of his creative pursuits,whenever,and by whenever,I really mean whenever, i visited Saijpur or for that matter,even in Baroda,first thing i would be greeted to with would be his enthusiasm in sharing on whatever he is planning to build next and how.These were the only times since my passing out that whatever engineering i learnt in the college was getting brushed up.I would be happy to give my inputs but invariably he had the perfect engineering judgement himself of what should go into the design.
    I was so much overwhelmed by the size of the giant outdoor screen in Saijpur Boga(it was a s big as the Ahmadabad drive in cinema screen) he was going to build from scrap material lying around the SRP campus,i remember i actually sat down to turn the pages of my mechanical engineers handbook and perform bending moment/shear force and strength of material calculations.
    The very fact that this screen has stood its ground through a major quake and 35 years of its existence is one of the testimonies to the vision, perseverance and passion your dad brought into everything he pursued.

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