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Grace :)

What was I doing yesterday?

I sit here at my desk, looking out at this beautiful tree that happily sheds its leaves all over the courtyard as soon as I have finished raking. 


On those pebbles is the mini batch of soap I made a couple of mornings ago. Peppermint EO. What is it about the smell that makes you feel so good?

And then I look at the other side… where my kids are “hangin'”  on the wall.



And my mind goes still. Just bask in that for a bit… 

My hubby called me around noon yesterday and in quite a distracted way said he is organising dinner in the city. He didn’t know whether he would be able to come home to pick me up. He wanted a life line. So I said I would meet him in the city. 

Six pm he said. So I left home a little past 5 to catch the train from Wahroonga… thought I would be late, but was at the station a little before six. My hubby tried to push his luck … asked me to meet him at the Intercontinental. 

Excuse me? I said. 

So he said he will pick me up. Any ho. He was stuck in traffic the “other side of the bridge”, so I offered to walk up to Bridge Street. A minute or so later, I found myself on the street… 

Why do women have to wear stupid heels? In my linen red dress, I twisted my foot on the pavement and fell on the road, picked myself up and hobbled my way across the road and then stood there with my left foot raised. Very elegant, it was too. 

After a few minutes I decided I shall sit on the “very clean” (not) stairs… and there I was, sitting for a good 20 minutes. Unable to get up. Unable to walk, until my hubby arrived panting… he knew by then I was nursing a sprained foot, feeling very sorry for myself.

It was good to be airlifted, hobbling, and at some point during the night, wearing my hubbys socks over the now bandaged foot to make my way to the wash room. The ice pack the waiter at the Rockpool gave me worked…. 

So here I am this morning, hobbling to find my way around my home. Wondering when can I walk normally again. And my heart goes out to all the people I see everyday in this world… the differently abled…. the guy who walked past, who was twisting to move forward, the guy on the wheelchair with one leg, the little girl on the street back in India… I hope there is hope. I hope there is hope. I hope there is a life for all of us that is more equal, more forgiving, more joyous. 

And thank you from my heart to all those who helped, or watched, or wondered yesterday as I limped my way through dinner and after.. and the kind people who walked past me not noticing my hubbys black socks on my feet with a red dress 🙂


3 thoughts on “Grace :)

  1. Pratima Rajan says:

    I wonder how can u write so well. aactually its in the blood and u r soo talanted u can do any thing. try this also. Love mom

    Sent from my iPad

  2. Pratima Rajan says:

    Its a b,ful piece of literature. u can write true short stories based on ur life or on others Papa. why donot u write on Rajan,s life. Mom

    Sent from my iPad

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