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Soaping Challenge… is this aboriginal art !!

So I love making soap. I started in February this year and don’t completely understand why. I love it. I think it is the explorer in me. Or perhaps the creative mad hatter.

When I read about Amy’s challenge, I thought, this should be fun. Squeeze soap out of a bottle into beautiful, flowing patterns.Ha!

In my head, I was drawing little flowers, fluidly, like our friend, Michelle Holtzclaw. or the chrissie trees a la Nancy.

So I decided to make use my signature blend (it has virgin shea and cocoa butter with the usual coconut, olive, sunflower and castor oils) in my usual batch size. So quite an expensive experiment in my art skills!!

For colour I wanted something dramatic, so used activated charcoal and turmeric… thought that could be nice orang-ish flowers with black centres (what are they called again?)… I didn’t have the squeezy bottles so bought two squeezy ketchup bottles and washed them out thoroughly to use for my soap. I also decided to be clever and “calculated” out a smaller portion of soap to make first. Talk about getting complicated.

Well, the beautiful flowers were ahem. I wasted more than I used.. Here is what the art is like… Image

I reckon I could pass this off as a child attempting to do some aboriginal art… I can keep gazing at it…just as I would at my child’s art and say it is a beautiful thing.. look at those patterns my lovely one… they are awesome!!

And of course the child would believe me.

It smells divine though… lemongrass, and I hold this soap more tenderly than any other 🙂 And I do think it is growing on me. Actually, I think it has grown on me. I will love it even if no one else does.

And then I wanted some swirls and texture on the top end..that I am very happy with … Image

And when I present these at the markets I am going to… this is perhaps how I shall display them…


I think I can give up on my dreams for art that anyone would buy, or I would put up in my house.

Soap though.. yes, most definitely. I shall keep making those!

It does smell so beautiful; I have discovered that CP is kinder to Lemongrass EO, and also rosewood and rose geranium… is that true?


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