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For my kid sis…

My kid sister is a green guru. Hi there, if you are reading this!

We love each other dearly, but my mum would not know this 🙂

Like, it is a strange kind of love, one that may not be apparent to the naked eye.

So, the green guru, aka my sister, has recently started following my blog. Hence, this one is for you, sis. 

I was really really really surprised when the soap you picked for yourself was the rose geranium block. It is very pretty, undoubtedly. You are the practical one, though. What will you do with the rose petals and buds that will keep falling off?

And how will you possibly lather yourself with this block? It weighs a little over 400 gms and is 90 cms * 90 cms. And you are gettting this for Christmas.

For any soap makers out there, the orangey colour is zeolite pink clay.. which is always a shade of rusty pink in my soap… how on earth is it orange? The brown is from organic cacao… that looks nice, I reckon. I like the pattern… love the smell… there is something about rose geranium..






3 thoughts on “For my kid sis…

  1. pratima Vashisht says:

    sup is definately not going to like ur saying kid sis as she is only one yr and eight monthes younger than u mu dear.

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