Inspiration, Social Agenda

Vadodara City

So, I woke up a little past 5.30 am this morning. Ahem. Like my mum walked into my room and called out to me asking if I would like to wake up.

So in a few minutes, we were out of the door and walking down the street. There are more people on the street than I thought. And in more places than I thought.

They were huddled in small groups in the space that was within the road divider, surrounded by little bushes. A home grown fire, cloth swings to hold babies, baking rotis made from corn. They were getting ready to go to work.

So I approached one of them. I spoke in Gujarati, which is the local dialect in Vadodara. I was addressing a lady who was cooking the roti. She did not respond. Seemed shy. So I addressed the group near by and asked if they spoke Gujarati (in Gujarati). I am very smart, you see. They kinda nodded no. So I asked if they spoke Hindi. (in Hindi) They said yes. So they have come here from a village, which is Hindi speaking. I forgot the name of the village. I am very good with facts, you see.

So I asked if they were here because they could not find work in their village and they said yes. They lived under the building across the road… some of the people were still sleeping there. Relatively clean area. So then I asked them about toilet facilities… he pointed in a general direction … that is where we go to use the toilet.


And mum informed me that there is a NGO nearby that provides a toilet. Shall go and check it out today I think.

Where to next my friend?


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