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My very first video of making a soap… in photos though :)

Spiced Orange Cocoa goats milk Soap in the making…

Some one called me the other day to potentially export my soaps. They wanted to see how soap is made and whether I genuinely make these “by hand”.

Jason was the person taking the video and he kindly extracted some stills from his video for the eager beaver (me!)

Here is the lye solution…


The lye solution being added to the blend of oils and butters…


Saponification starting to occur as the lye/goats milk solution blends with the fat..


Next I added the blend of orange peel and orange essential oil..


Took some of this out and blended with a mix of cocoa and cloves to get the dark handsome colour…this went into the mould “delicately” (NOT)… as strangers were watching 🙂Image

Then went in the main soap…


A drizzle of the cocoa/ clove soap..


Another layer of the orange peel soap and then another drizzle of the cocoa…


Some more orange peel soap..Image

Then the fun part… CP soap is so forgiving for not staying the path…



Insulated, left alone for a couple of days and then cut!




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