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Life is precious…enjoy it!

Like a caterpillar, I have stepped out of a 25+ year corporate career and become addicted to making soaps! 

I have always liked pampering. And soaps. And beautiful smells. And beautiful surrounds.
Sometime last year I stumbled upon Crunchy Betty and over the last year or so have completely stopped purchasing mass produced beauty products.
I started making soap in February this year, inspired and encouraged by David Fisher’s video on how to make goats milk soap.
Since then, I have made about 50 different soaps and have now secured some seriously nice prices for organic, virgin oils, butters and botanicals.
I would like more people to be able to buy handcrafted soaps. They are so  much nicer than the commercial soaps…
This is a very new business for me. I have enjoyed my experience at the three markets I have showcased my products at. Thanks to the gorgeous people who stopped by, took the time to look, touch and smell the soaps… I have learnt a lot!
Lets all slow down a tad, smell the roses… indulge in life’s simple pleasures…

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