The innocent question…

“Would you like a little sister?” I asked my little boy as we held a tiny 29 day old baby in our arms. We were in the baby room of a public hospital. I had popped into the nutrition ward to donate some of my boy’s clothes to Kalpana, who ran the ward and helped parents adopt kids. Whilst I was there, I asked Kalpana if there were any girls for adoption. “I have one girl and she looks like you”. We popped into the baby room, one look at her and I said yes. Picked up my son from kindergarten later that afternoon and here we were, holding the little baby again. She look deceivingly innocent and well behaved with a shock of dark black hair on her tiny head. “Look, she even has hair”. Unlike my son who was born bald, and at 4, not quite the full head of hair you’d need to ruffle 🙂 I say “little boy”. Not knowing that this four year old in a couple of years would be running 10 laps before his skating practice whilst I sit panting on the kerb having barely done 2. Image And I say “tiny” not knowing the eruption of volcanic sensuality was to emerge in a few years, sending me to bed in a curl, hoping we survive this big burst of hormonal activity!! and I have a new found respect to my gorgeous, loving parents..Image My parents dancing… in our home after a few 😉 Parenting, they say…here it is in some random order… Image At Floriade, Canberra. Of course you have see tulips!Image A few years earlier – on our cane sofa in the backyard (Vadodara)


This was in Mahabalipuram… lots of strawberries… Image In Australia… on the south coast… Image Canoeing… Barrington Tops Image Image Playing with Dad at home


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