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The joys of navel gazing…

My fellow journey people,

You know I quit working a couple of months ago…so I could navel gaze. Well, I can report that my navel is getting increasingly beautiful each day with the loving gazing it is getting from me.

This morning, I woke up and had many choices… I could work on my PhD thesis proposal (too unclear), the building of latrines in India (too complex), explore volunteering opportunity (happening, kinda..), get a few really interested leaders to hire me (how do you do that?)

So, I got out of bed and made a cuppa, snuggled into my bed, looked out into the trees and checked some emails on my IPad. Saw one from the Linkedin ACBS group for actcompanion and downloaded that… tried out their mindfulness four minute breathing exercise… wonderland!!

Then, checked my ebay store, and voila, there was an order! So I packed the soaps and walked to the post office in our village… what a beautiful morning it was! Aren’t we blessed.

Whilst I was walking, I thought of you all… so you know I find something incredibly attractive and pleasing about making soaps… I get lost. Therefore I now have more soaps than me and all my kids and parents can use… so the only way to make more is to sell some, to fund my hobby… so I thought of you… if you want to buy, check out my store…

What might soapmaking have to do with navel gazing you might ask?

Please answer that question for me, and I will create a soap inspired by you…

And this is my adorable hubby who is helping out at the markets talking to women and men about shea butter 🙂 Talk about unconditional love….



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