Inspiration, Travel

Soaring red cliffs and mysterious blue ocean

This was my fantasy… spend days in the wild wild Kimberley … shatteringly beautiful sunsets, remote stretches of road, boab trees, husband, blue ocean, a lighthouse manager’s home…

So many of our friends warned us it will be hotter than we think, and was it!

No one told us about the Bungle Bungles … close enough to the Tanami desert for the temperature to fall to zero ahem…

Fancy going to bed in jeans, sixty five layers of clothing and a beanie?

And then waking up to a beautiful crisp morning where you could only wear a singlet and shorts to gear up to walk into the red domes….and then, layer up again, sit by the fire talk to strangers about your kids as though you had known them for decades…the stories were so the same… 

The farmer and his wife, the couple from Switzerland, another from Victoria… 

The endless dirt roads and the miraculously sturdy tyres that survived the rough gravel…where time stood still and we came back to our lives a bit like zombies…ImageImageImage



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